Marius Lebădă
February 13, 2023
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How to start rebranding: Our Simple Step-By-Step Approach

Rebranding: The Journey of Uncovering Your Business's True Identity

Branding is an important aspect of modern business that is overlooked. Logos don't tell the whole story; a company's values, personality, and vision need to be portrayed as well... In reality, rebranding is much deeper than changing logos and visuals.

To uncover Quickleaf's true identity, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery.... We'd like to share our experience with you to help you navigate the rebranding process and find your business's true identity.

From Research to Reality: The Rebranding Process

When we first started out, our branding consisted of a simple one-color design logo. Despite being clever, it failed to distinguish itself from the other tech companies in the market. Our goal was to break into new markets with a distinct, fresh, modern, and exciting brand. So we started our rebranding journey.

Our process began with a deep dive into our day-to-day mission, our future vision, and the emotions that our company's actions elicit. Research, strategy, design, and implementation were all part of the rebranding process. Not just a new logo and visuals, but a visual representation of our company's essence was our goal.

Staying True to Our Roots: Balancing Creativity and Professionalism

We remained committed to staying true to our values throughout our rebranding journey. While keeping our love of nerdiness, we got rid of the old stodgy brand identity. Our goal was to be more creative, enjoyable, and approachable while remaining highly professional.

To break free from an outdated image and establish a strong brand identity, we had to take bold risks.

Appearance Matters: First Impressions are Key

The first time someone comes into contact with your brand can leave a lasting impression, and it is based on its appearance. While a brand's appearance is much more than just its visual aspect, it is still important in establishing a strong image.

In comparison to other market logos, our old brand wasn't visible enough on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Finding Our Visual Identity: The Perfect Logo

We spent a lot of time and effort finding the perfect logo, but finding the right visual style that aligned with our brand identity was crucial. We wanted our logo to be simple, readable, and adaptable to a variety of situations. Our brand needed to be approachable and friendly while also being highly professional. In the end, we finally found the right logo that embodied our brand values and mission after several iterations.

The Power of Consistency: A Strong Font Combination

You can maintain consistency by using the same font combination on all of your materials, especially business cards and print ads. We chose Montserrat and IBM Plex Sans fonts for our website because they not only look great but are also easy to read on any device or in print. This was important to us because we wanted anyone who visited our website or viewed our printed materials to have a positive experience.

By the way, we believe accessibility is important in general, and how we tackle it here at Quickleaf - take a look at our article which describes Some Great Accessibility Practices.

Finding Our Visual Identity: The Perfect Logo

Simplicity and boldness makes our brand stand out against more traditional tech companies. We wanted to stand out against more traditional tech companies, which often have logos that are very detailed and busy. Our new logo uses simple geometric shapes, making it easier to read from afar or when printed on a smaller scale.

Our brand is not just about the logo, it's about everything we do. Throughout this process, we've made sure that every element of our identity works together as part of an overall look and feel that says "this business is different from others." It's important to us that each aspect of our communications has its own unique style so people will know immediately what they're seeing when they see something with our name attached.

The final design is a very simple and clean sans-serif font with a thicker stroke through the letters. It looks friendly, but also professional—the perfect fit for our brand!

Bringing Our Vision to Life

If you're going to put all of your hard work into creating a business, why not make sure it's the best one it can be? While it sounds like a fairly easy and fast process, building a great brand also takes time. By spending a proportional amount of time on your image and voice, you'll be able to maximise the reach and benefits brought by a strong brand. It helps build trust with customers, helps them better understand what you stand for and makes it easier to connect with them when they see your brand across different channels.

It isn't just about having an awesome logo or using a catchy tagline - it's about putting thought into every aspect of how people perceive your company: from customer service to marketing materials to even how employees dress every day at work!

Building a Strong Community

One of the most important aspects of our rebranding journey was creating a strong community around our brand. We wanted to provide a space for our clients, team members, and other stakeholders to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. As a result, we organized a brainstorming session for the entire company as well as a client appreciation event. These events assisted us in creating a sense of community around our brand and in connecting with our audience in a meaningful way.

Empowering Our Team

The goal of rebranding was not only to create a new visual identity but also to empower our team. We wanted our team members to be proud of the brand they represented and confident in their ability to tell the world about it. To do this, we provided our team with the necessary resources and training to become brand ambassadors. Aside from research and strategy, our team was also present at all stages of the rebranding.


The result of our rebranding journey was a new brand identity that truly reflected who we were as a company. Our new brand was bold, creative, and approachable, and it helped us to connect with our audience in a way that was authentic and meaningful. Our new brand helped us to stand out in a crowded market, and it allowed us to build a strong community around our brand.

Finally, rebranding is a process, not a destination. It is a process that necessitates commitment, hard work, and a willingness to take risks. It is the end result, however, that will allow your company to connect with your audience in an authentic and meaningful way. If you're considering rebranding, we encourage you to go for it. The end result will be worthwhile.


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